Men's Jeans

There was a time when men’s jeans became a symbol of rebellion. Especially the American youth who wanted to show their opposition to the prevailing rules, were very fond of jeans - to a point of obsession.

Everyone loves men’s jeans

Fashionable jeans for men belong to classics. Probably every stylish guy has several pairs of them in his closet and wears them on several occasions. They are suitable for both more formal and informal occasions. Men’s jeans are also very graceful when it comes to putting together an attire: jeans go with almost anything!

The interesting story men's trousers

Few elements of menswear have had such a remarkable history. It began centuries ago in the Middle East. Nomads and shepherds who sought practical and convenient solutions that wouldn’t constrain their movements became the pioneers of trousers.

The ancient Romans looked with disdain on the "invention" of Asians. They preferred their tunics and trousers were perceived as a garment of barbarians. Only with time they learned to appreciate the qualities of pants, which became a part of their everyday outfit.

The great popularity of pants came with the Middle Ages. Interestingly, the models worn were printed and quite original. There was one difference, however. The representatives of the lower social class wore shorts for men, as they did not interfere with their work. In contrast, dignitaries, knights and clergy wore long pants-tights, which were very elegant and chic.

The times of pants-tights ended in the Renaissance. Baggy pants became popular and the fashion lasted for a long time.

The change occurred in the 17th century, when pants began to resemble skirts. Still they were short, but decorated with ribbon and lace frill. The following century was dominated by so called culottes- tight, knee-lenght pants.

The trend for long trousers came as late as 19th century. Trousers were also more and more often worn by ladies and with time, they became an indispensable element of women's clothing.

Introduction of denim

The material itself has been used since the 12th century, but the fashion for jeans for men came 700 years later. In the second half of the 19th century, Levi Strauss created the first pair of jeans. They were brown and were made for the blue-collar workers. The dark blue color of jeans, as we know it today, emerged only later, when the designer began to import indigo dye from India.

He found a partner of his golden business, a tailor Jacob Davis, who came up with the idea of ​​strengthening places exposed to abrasions with copper threads. Soon the two men patented the trousers and finally, in 1905, created the iconic model, "Levi's 501". It sells very well even today. It has a straight leg and uncomplicated design.

After the war denim trousers flooded everyday life. They have become a sign of the colorful American life. However, jeans were not that easily available in all European countries. In times of PRL jeans were a rarity and an object of envy and desire.

Fashionable jeans for men of unflagging popularity

It is perfectly safe to say that fashionable jeans for men are the most desirable and popular element of garment. Whether these are ripped jeans for men or skinny jeans for men, they are displayed in the shop windows of almost all clothing boutiques. Perhaps this popularity, contrary to appearances, may not serve jeans well as there are countless unproven models that are only good for trash after just a few washes.

Many therefore believe that it is best to bet on designer men’s jeans, created by the world-famous designers. You can easily find such jeans The offer is very rich, and, most importantly, proven. Pants purchased from a reliable vendor will serve us for years, so it is worth investing in them.

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